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To anyone who has a genuine appreciation for the supernatural blessing and reality of Phil Keaggy, his new release of 'All at Once' ought to be the most anticipated music event of the year.


On each and every album, Phil's music, lyrics, genius, and approach speaks of much more than that which immediately meets the eye. It is brilliantly layered with an unmatched maturity, gifting, experience, and seasoned passion that has been, and will always be adorned with the blessing and touch of God!


Listen carefully to every moment, every movement, and every miracle of anointed genius beautifully blossoming into full bloom and fragrance - even from the title track 'All at Once’ - and you will soon discover, that the Holy Spirit has divinely placed this expression of Genuine Ministry and Mastery, into your hands to bless, challenge, comfort and invigorate your life and faith.


Click Here to Download the album, order a CD, even a case or more, and give them out to friends, family, loved ones. You will bless them mightily - and God - will bless you!

(David Hirsch / Founder Full Armor Music Ministries)



 Full Armor Headlines 'Restoration to Freedom' June 6th 2015
 Pastor Dave speaks to the crowd about the awesome power of God's unfailing Love. After the concert, one member of the crowd spoke with Pastor Dave thanking him for the message, stating that he had "Never heard the story of the life of Jesus Christ before." and adding, "I never knew that Jesus came down from heaven to do all of that for me.' Wow!! America is still a major mission field.


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We had an Excellent turnout at NeighborFest 2011. We'd like to thank all who participated.


The Gospel was preached mightily with Love, Joy, And Conviction


Conservative crowed estimate was 12,000 - 15,000 people in attendance, hundreds receiving Jesus Christ as Lord

Families where strengthened, friends were made, and the Kingdom of God was advanced.


We would like to invite you to our Church Ministry. For more information on live services, video messages, and upcoming events...

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Full Armor brings a dynamic and unparalleled concert event with an uncompromising message for this generation to embrace a heart and a lifestyle that truly reflects the Character and Nature of Jesus Christ


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