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With scripture driven lyrics and a hard rocking message of uncompromising faith in Jesus Christ, thousands have been won to Christ, from Prisons and Public Schools to Major Christian Festivals and Outreach Concert Events through the music and ministry of Full Armor.


During the 1980’s, while running a Christ centered rehabilitation program for nearly a decade, David Hirsch, Founder of Full Armor and Senior Pastor of New Life Outreach International caught the vision for Full Armor. Now more than twenty five years later, God continues to use the band in mighty and miraculous ways. Recognizing the reality of lost souls, broken lives and the desperate condition of today’s society, the band is deeply and devotionally focused on the call of God upon their Lives, Music and Ministry.


 “There is a tremendous expression of maturity and understanding flowing in and through the music, lyrics and lifestyle of the members of Full Armor”, says David Hirsch. “The band, sound team, road crew and staff are comprised of Pastors, Husbands and Fathers, Church Elders, Businessmen and Community Leaders, all with a servants heart and a profound commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ”.


 The miracle and mystery of Full Armor is that they have performed and ministered to tens of thousands of people, even playing and headlining Concert events and Christian festivals. They have been heralded as one of the hardest rocking bands doing Christian music today, complete with CD’S, as well as endorsements, admiration and positive quotes from some of the best known Christian musicians and leaders of our time, and yet, all without a label, agent, or contract.


 Pastor Dave comments, “Over the years, many people have suggested that we should pursue being signed to a label and we are humbled by that, and perhaps even open to it under the right circumstances. But so far, we have found it to be very effective and fruitful to remain open and flexible to the leading of the Holy Spirit. We just hoisted our sails and the wind of God has always blown us in the direction of His will and sending. After all, who better to have as a manager than our Heavenly Father! I am confident that if God wants us to move in that direction, He will send us the right person at the right time.”


 In a world saturated with marketing strategies, externals and ‘star-struck’ mentalities, It is a bit sad to see within the Body of Christ the attitude of some who feel that a record deal, or being on a label somehow determines the quality and integrity of the music, the effectiveness and anointing upon the ministry, or their willingness to even consider you. Suffice it to say that everyone who has heard, experienced and worked with Full Armor over the years have realized that the ‘status quo’ is definitely not the only way to go. It was Jesus who said “You know the tree by its fruit.”


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