To all of my friends and family here in America and around the world, it is a tremendous blessing to see almost an entire lifetime of music, ministry and memories being expressed and defined, (although not in its entirety), on this Web Site. As far back as I can remember, even as a young child, it has always been the gift and blessing of music that God has used to draw me, and keep me close to His Heart. In Fact, it was at a Larry Norman Concert in Boston Mass. back in the 1970's that I first experienced the precious convicting power of The Holy Spirit upon my life. It was at that concert that I gave my Life to The Lord Jesus Christ and to say the least things have never been the same since. I will save more of those details for 'THE HISTORY PAGE'.


 For now I wanted to share some words concerning the music ministry of 'FULL ARMOR MUSIC'. The unique and powerful testimony of all the different bands and music expressions of 'FULL ARMOR MUSIC' aside from the richness of being deeply rooted in nearly 4 plus decades of mature, Christ centered influences, rests with the fact that each musically diverse and multi-styled expression of this ministry is basically made up of the same personnel. There are too many powerful testimonies that are not being seen or heard because they are limited or boxed in by a particular style or genre of music. 'FULL ARMOR MUSIC' was birthed in order to allow the Power of God upon our lives to be released in as many forms and formats as possible.


 Bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music should never be limited to any one musical taste or preference. It is not the music that breaks the yoke - it is the anointing that breaks the yoke. It is not the music that we are called to lift up, but the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. There are a lot of very talented people in this life that can 'play' music, but finding gifted musicians, ministers and songwriters who are Called, Anointed and deeply and devotionally surrendered to that calling is a very rare thing. This reality best describes the Vision of 'FULL ARMOR MUSIC'.


Each member of this music Ministry, including the sound team, is made up of pastors, youth pastors, elders and music ministry leaders who live lives that represent accountability, Church life, long term testimonies, fruitfulness and a true yielding to the Word and Will of God. Like the Apostle Paul, none of us have "...obtained it or have already become perfect,...but we ...press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus."


For many years and in many ways in the realm of music ministry the emphasis has been placed on style and image rather than substance, and what better defines substance in the realm of any ministry efforts than that which lifts up and exalts the Name of Jesus Christ, with the visible results of changed lives and fruitfulness.


 Anyone who has ever heard or experienced any of the unique and diverse expressions of this music ministry, regardless of the venue or music format, from Church pastors and public school principals - to prison chaplains and concert / event promoters to some of the best known Christian authors, speakers and musicians of our time, all share a common testimony; "WOW, UNBELIEVABLE, MESMERIZING, POWERFUL ANOINTING, INCREDIBLY MATURE, YOU GUYS ARE THE REAL DEAL" ...and so on.

To all of this - and - in all of this, we give God all the Glory, Honor and Praise.


 Music styles and trends change but God said "I AM THE LORD AND I CHANGE NOT." Our mission is to share the Power and Love of our unchanging God, and His Grace in and upon our lives, in as many ways, expressions and formats as we can in our lifetime. We have never played for money, accolades, recognition or entertainment. It has always been to obey the call of God upon our lives that He may be Glorified.


 Who knows what the next trend or style of music may be?! Of these three things I'm sure:

1. Me and the boys will be able to play it....(Pray for us).

2. People will always love music. and,



May God Bless You Mightily,

In His Love and Music

David Hirsch / 1st Cor.9:19-23


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