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“You guys are powerful. What you just did needs to be heard around the world.” (Winkey Pratney, Internationally renouned Author and Speaker after hearing a live Full Armor set at 'Fishnet'. )


  “I don’t quite know how to explain it but your music is mesmerizing. I’ve never seen anyone make the kind of impact you guys made here tonight”. (Prison Chaplain, After a Full Armor worship concert for 1200 inmates in a Virginia state prison).


 “ I highly recommend Full Armor…” (Victor Torres, Author, Speaker, World Evangelist, Pastor, Founder and Executive Director of New Life for Youth.)


 “Your stories, I think, stopped some of the kids in our school from turning to drugs and alcohol. thank you for caring and performing for us,”( Student, Public High school)


 “All the students and staff here at the reception and diagnostic center were in love with your music…please come again soon, you brought much pleasure and happiness to our campus, Thank you for caring.” (Coordinator, Common wealth of Virginia, Department of Corrections, Division of youth services).


 “Without doubt, this is the most highly anticipated show of the year and we hope we can continue this positive relationship that we have established. As one staff member stated, “your coming to our school is a blessing.”(Principal, Virginia Public School).


 “That was one of the most powerful and anointed messages I ever heard, Ohio needed that”. (Audience member at 'Jam for the Lamb / Ohio)


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